Beading Basics: Soft beading wire bracelet

 1. Determine the length of your bracelet

    Gently measure around your wrist with a flexible tape measure in order to determine the length of your design.  The tape measure should be flush against the wrist but, not too loose.  This measurement will equal your design space from the first bead to the last bead.  Your final step of adding your crimps and clasp will allow for wiggle room.

     2. Design your style

      Lay out your beads to fill the length you determined in step one.  There are no rules just your personal preferences.  Remember that you may mix any beads of your choice.

      3. String your beads

        To determine the correct size of soft beading wire we suggest the following guidelines: .012 = small beads or small hole beads

                    .015 = medium size and weight beads

                    .018 = medium to large beads

                    .024 = heavy large beads

        The higher ply of wire will also be more flexible.  The most popular is around 19 Ply.

        4. Completing the Ends

          Determine your crimp size by multiplying the size of the wire by two.  The closer the crimp size the tighter the hold.  For Example:  If you are using wire that has a diameter of .015.  Your crimp size (inner hole diameter) should be around .030 or really a little bit bigger or it will be hard to fit.  The most popular size is .038 for the .015 wire and the .018 wire.

          5. Crimping the Ends

            String your crimp onto the wire.  Take the tip of the wire and run it through your clasp end (make certain this hole is soldered closed or your wire will find it’s way out eventually and then you will have to restring) and then return the wire back into the crimp and under the first 1” (or so) of beads.  Flatten your crimp firmly with chain nose or needle nose pliers without teeth.

            6. Finishing your bracelet

              Repeat step 5 on the opposite end.  Don’t forget to take up the slack in your wire tight enough to avoid seeing your wire between the beads, but loose enough to allow for flexibility.  Your bracelet should feel “slinky”.  Cut your excess wire as close to your bead as possible. 


              7.  Wear and Enjoy


              Helpful Hint:  Measure to the nearest 1/8th when determining your length.  If you are using fat beads, add a little extra bead length.  You can spot check the size after you string your beads leaving about 1” of wire space for your crimp and clasp.   If necessary add or take away beads from your ends.





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